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2015美国International Liaison Committee Meeting完美闭幕

release date:2015-12-30

On December 6, 2015, the International Liaison Committee Meeting organized by the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) opened in Fortlauderdale, Florida, USA.At the invitation of the CSPA organization, about 30 heads or representatives of aerosol organizations from the United Kingdom, Germany, Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile), Australia, China, and other countries and regions attended the meeting and made joint meeting presentations.Mr Alain (Europe), Mr Philip (Australia), Mr Hugo (Brazil), Mr Geno ( Mexico), Mr Jose (Chile), Mr King cool (SC Johnson), Mr Scott (Procter & Gamble), Mr Douglas (U.S.A.), etc. respectively on the current situation and development trend of the aerosol industry in their respective regions, as well as the work to the delegates.

Mr Philip made a presentation on behalf of the Asia Region, hoping that the next International Liaison Committee Meeting could be held in Australia, Mr Geno Mr. Philip made a statement on behalf of Asia Region, hoping that the next International Liaison Committee Meeting could be held in Australia, and Mr. Geno made a statement on behalf of Latin America Region, hoping that it could be held in Mexico.After a collective decision, the next ILC meeting will be held in Mexico in 2017. The conference covered a wide range of topics including technical innovations related to aerosols, packaging innovations, health, safety, environmental protection, recycling of aerosol cans, application of plastic aerosol cans, and water bath exemption.

In FY2014, approximately 3.8 billion cans of aerosols were produced in the U.S., approximately 4.5 billion cans in North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico) combined, approximately 3.0 billion cans were produced in Latin America, approximately 5.65 billion cans were produced in Europe, and approximately 1.75 billion cans were produced in China.In FY2014, the total global production of aerosols was more than 15.0 billion cans, of which approximately 7.6 billion cans were aluminum cans. Consumption habits and share of the aerosol category vary in each country and region, and in terms of the global market, the products are mainly concentrated in household, personal care, pharmaceuticals, and other uses (automotive, industrial, food, construction, recreational, etc.). 

The organizer of this conference, Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), has kindly invited Director Yizhong You of China Packaging Federation Aerosol Specialty Committee to attend the conference and arrange a speech! Due to special reasons, Director You was not able to attend the meeting, and entrusted the Chinese delegate, Mr. Shao Qinghui from Guangzhou Labeling Automotive Products Industry Co. Mr. Shao Qinghui from Guangzhou Labbrand Automotive Products Co! Delegates from all over the world expressed their heartfelt admiration for the remarkable achievements made by China's aerosol industry in the past 30 years, fully affirmed the achievements made by China Aerosol Professional Committee in recent years, and highly valued the contribution made by Director You Yizhong over the past years to promote the development and progress of China's aerosol industry and the healthy development of the global aerosol culture industry through his heart and soul! 

This meeting, by the China Packaging Federation of Aerosol Professional Committee Director You Yizhong presided over the compilation, which took two years to complete the "China Aerosol Industry Product andMarket" (China Aerosol Industry Product and Market) book in English to cross the thousands of miles across the oceans, sent to the delegates of the hands of each person. This heavy gift is the crystallization of the wisdom of Director You Yizhong and Secretary General Zhao Kun of China Aerosol Professional Committee, as well as all the editorial board members and Chinese enterprises! The delegates expressed their heartfelt thanks to China for this surprising book and the gift of bookmarks representing the Chinese style of the conference! 

Specially commissioned by Director You Yizhong, Mr. Shao Qinghui called on Mr Monty Johnsen and his wife to convey his thoughts and heartfelt wishes, presented a gift of Chinese Ru Porcelain - Ruyi, which represents traditional Chinese culture, and had lunch together! Mr. Monty Johnsen was born in New York State in April 1925, participated in the Battle of Midway as an ensign in the U.S. Navy during World War II, and actively supported China's anti-Japanese war. He was the president of the Specialty Chemical Manufacturers Association of the U.S.A. (CSMA), and is an internationally renowned authority on aerosols. Mr Monty Johnsen is over 90 years old, but still hale and hearty, and participated in many forums and delivered speeches!

Mr. Monty Johnsen fondly recalled his 30 years of cross-border friendship with Director You Yizhong, and conveyed his deepest thoughts and best wishes to him! At the same time on the rapid development of China's aerosol industry in recent years to give a full affirmation of the achievements made, and put forward fervent hope. I hope that the development of China's aerosol industry can be more penetration of safety, environmental protection, health concepts, advancing with the times, thus promoting the global aerosol as a people to beautify their lives, beautify the environment and the indispensable elements of efforts!

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