Aerosol Tin Can

Equipped with several imported European full-automatic and high-speed (300 pieces per minute) aerosol can production lines, advanced domestic-made aerosol can production lines, Taiwan beverage can production lines, and a whole set of full-automatic stacking and packing equipments, our company implements full-automatic production throughout the manufacturing process and has an annual capacity of producing 400 million three-pieces tinpate aerosol cans and beverage cans. The main can types include diameters of Φ45mm、Φ52mm、Φ57mm、 Φ60mm、Φ65mm、Φ70mm、Φ85mm,which are widely used in the package of household health tending and protecting, such as insecticide and air freshener, as well as various kinds of packages used for car surface care, building, fire fighting, machine and hygiene, health care, beverage, and so on.

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