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Chumboon 2016 Year-End Debriefing and Strategic Development Workshop Successfully Held

release date:2017-02-06

On 8-9 January 2016,Chumboon Metal Packaging held a 2016 year-end debriefing and strategic development seminar at Nankun Mountain Residence Hot Spring Resort. The chairman of the company, directors of various centers and general managers of various subsidiaries and marketing managers attended the meeting.

The meeting exchanged in-depth discussions on the successful management experience, problems and work planning matters for the next year of each company in the operation process in 2016. At the meeting, discussions and exchanges were focused on the actual problems arising from production, R&D, market and finance, and solutions were proposed. Participants actively participated in the discussion and made suggestions, and the atmosphere of the meeting was favourable.

Finally, Chairman Luo summed up and commented, fully affirmed the achievements made by everyone in the past year, but as the company's managers, should start from improving various company systems, encountering problems must be issued solutions to the lower level departments, to guide the departments to solve the problem; found that the problem should be positively faced, do not avoid, and actively solve the problem.

In addition, the company is in the stage of rapid development and is preparing to declare the declaration of IPO, in this "important period", the need for all managers with "overcome difficulties" courage and confidence, unremitting efforts, the company can get fast, Healthy and stable progress and development.

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