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Marketing team outdoor development training at 2017

release date:2017-03-04

by HR Cente 

In order to encourage the morale of the sales team, improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the sales team, on February 25th, Chumboon organized the marketing system in Guangdong for all staff to carry out the "Marketing System 2017 Outdoor Expansion Training", General Manager Jie of Nanhai Chumboon,General Manager Le of Chumboon Import & Export, General Manager Shi of Guangzhou Chumboon and other management team also participated in this activity.

The expansion of training, the Human Resources Centre has developed a detailed training programme and the implementation of a thorough process. In the group ice-breaking session, all the groups brainstormed, and the wonderful team show was fully prepared for the subsequent training to set off happily. "Sai" is the excellent cultural gene of Chumboon, reflecting the spirit of pursuing high quality and striving for the first place. In the training session, the instructor arranged challenging projects such as "Challenge 150" and "Speed Limit" in PK mode to train the participants' sense of cooperation and innovative thinking. As the team leader, he had to bear great responsibility and pressure. The last big team "power circle" project, all the staff to the existing record challenge, in everyone's persistence and hard work, the challenge was successful, completed the record-breaking 5100. When the instructor's whistle sounded, a sense of satisfaction of self-success and a sense of achievement with the team's joint efforts to succeed instantly broke out, every member of the scene from the bottom of their hearts to thank the team's dedication and encouragement, thanks to the team's caring and cheering, but more let all people realise that trust comes from responsibility, and cooperation can only be win-win in the true meaning of the word.

Expansion training challenges not only physical ability, but also awareness, and challenges not only individuals, but also the team. With the spirit of pursuing excellence and striving for the first-class forever, the sales elites of Chumboon showed the spirit of dedication and commitment of the company's sales staff with their positive mindset and strong perseverance.

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