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Warmly congratulate Chumboon "China Packaging Excellent Brand" through the review

release date:2017-04-19

     In the season full of spring, kapok blooming, the morning of April 1, led by Wu Hongjun, Deputy Secretary General of China Packaging Federation, a group of experts walked into Chumboon Metal Packaging Co. Ltd. and reviewed the declaration of "China Packaging Excellent Brand" by "Chumboon".

      The chairman and general manager of Chumboon Company, Mr. Luo Fangfeng, made a welcome speech at the review meeting, the assistant chairman and general manager of foreign trade company, Mr. Le Changhui, the general manager of Guangzhou Company, Mr. Shi Haifeng, the chief financial officer, Mr. Yuan Liang, the secretary of the board of directors, Mr. Huang Shukou, and the technical director, Mr. Tian Hongjun, were present in the meeting. Mr. Li Zhaoxiao, Human Resources and Administration Director, gave a comprehensive report to the expert group on the company profile of "Chumboon Corporation", product structure, high-end manufacturing, technical team, market development, brand history, corporate social responsibility and brand strategy.

The picture shows the evaluation site of "China Packaging Excellent Brand" at the headquarters of Saibon.

       Chumboon is a conglomerate focusing on the R&D, production and sales of metal pressure vessel packaging products. Founded 20 years ago, has been to "race first-class quality, to industrialization of the state" responsibility and mission, "scientific and technological innovation to improve the quality of human life" vision of the enterprise, the use of brand value and influence, in the field of metal packaging deep plowing, high-pressure, explosion-proof aerosol cans segment market in the domestic forefront. The market segment of high-pressure-resistant and explosion-proof aerosol cans ranks the forefront of the domestic market, and the market share and sales in 2015 ranked first in the country, with customers in more than 60 countries and regions such as North America, Europe, the Middle East, etc., which has created a national packaging boutique.

      Professor Wang Zhiwei, assistant to the president of Jinan University, head of the expert group, Professor Li Guang of Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Vice President Lin Zhaoguang of Guangdong Zhongshan Packaging Association, Mr. Kang Yufei, deputy chief scientist of Yizi, and Mr. Yin Zhengguo, senior branding expert of China, and other experts expressed their affirmation of the brand building of "Saibon" from different angles and made pertinent suggestions. The experts recognized the brand building of "Saibon" from different perspectives and put forward pertinent suggestions. After reviewing and analyzing, the expert group suggested that Saibon increase technology research and development and innovation, continuously improve core competitiveness of the enterprise, integrate brand positioning and strategic planning, and improve market promotion. Finally, after the discussion of the expert group, it was unanimously agreed that the brand "Chumboon" declared by Chumboon meets the requirements of the evaluation standard of "China Packaging Excellent Brand" of China Packaging Federation, and agreed to recognize "Chumboon" as "China Packaging Excellent Brand". agreed to recognize "Chumboon" as "China Packaging Excellent Brand".

The picture shows the evaluation site of "China Packaging Excellent Brand" at the headquarters of Saibon.

      The successful passing of the "Chumboon" brand review work is a high degree of affirmation of our company's sustained and healthy development and brand influence, and at the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for the company's brand planning. In the future brand building,Chumboon will continue to strengthen the brand building and system construction, strengthen the market publicity, innovative thinking, and constantly improve the influence and competitiveness of the "Chumboon" brand, to provide a strong guarantee for the company's long-term strategic development.

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