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Chumboon passed the "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard" through the standard certification

release date:2017-08-16

      On July 17, 2017, Chumboon officially obtained the Certificate of Intellectual Property Management System Certification, thus becoming one of the enterprises that firstly passed the certification of "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard" by the State Intellectual Property Office, and now it is the only enterprise in the metal packaging industry that has passed the certification.

        Through this certification, the company's intellectual property management system has been perfected and improved, and the requirements of the standard of "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards" have been integrated into all aspects of R&D, production and business management, which better protects the enterprise intellectual property rights, comprehensively improves the level of intellectual property management of the enterprise, and enhances the competitiveness of the enterprise in the industry and the influence of the brand, which is important for the enterprise to prevent and control the risk of intellectual property rights and to Improvement of R&D capability, production efficiency and market competitiveness has a positive role in promoting.

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