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Passionate about public welfare, compassionate about education

release date:2017-08-30

On the afternoon of August 29, 2017, the 2017 Zengcheng District College Student Scholarship Distribution and CPPCC Member Helping the Needy and Aiding Students Commendation Ceremony was held in Building 1 of the District Party Committee. Mr. Luo Fangfeng, a member of the district CPPCC and chairman of the company, who is enthusiastic about social welfare undertakings, loves education and helps the needy to help students, was honored at this meeting.

Mr. Luo said: donations to help poor college students, so that college students free from worries, peace of mind to learn, and become a useful person as soon as possible. Is my social responsibility as an ordinary CPPCC member. Individual strength is a drop in the bucket, but the little by little will converge into a river, I hope that college students study hard, serve the motherland, return to society, and strive to realize the dream of the heart.

This help school activities sponsored by the District Political Consultative Conference, District Education Bureau, District Charity Association, a total of more than 200 million yuan raised. Aided objects are about to enter the university campus to study the prospective students, more than 200, special difficulties students get 6000 yuan / year funding, continuous funding for two years, other difficulties students get 4000 yuan / year funding, 2000 yuan / year funding.

Representatives of the sponsored college students said in their speeches: the bursary is a valued guest in our lives. Today you are my fulcrum, and I will be the pillar of others. We will study hard in the spirit of gratitude, self-reliance and self-improvement, and give back to the society as soon as possible.

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