Notice on the collection of enterprise song lyrics activities

  • In order to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, carry forward the spirit of enterprise, and enhance the cohesion of enterprise, it is decided to carry out the activity of collecting the lyrics (songs) of the enterprise song in the whole company, and the relevant matters are notified as follows:

    Scope of collection

    All employees of the company 

  • Requirements

    1, the lyrics should reflect the company's founding history, celebrate the company's achievements, with distinctive corporate characteristics;
    2, the theme of the song should fully demonstrate the positive corporate image and the overall spirit of the staff.
    3, the works should be simple and concise, full of characteristics, with a distinct sense of the times.
    4, the works of creative style and form is not limited, require original, strictly prohibit plagiarism or adaptation of other works.
    5. Works can be composed in the form of lyrics, music, singing, etc.
    6, all works will not be returned, please keep the author's own copy.

  • Organization and implementation

    1, the company's departments as a unit of the organization and implementation, widely mobilize the department staff to actively participate in the active participation, enthusiastic submission.
    2, the establishment of the enterprise song collection selection expert group, the expert group after the initial selection of the recommended works list. Recommended works can be published on the corporate bulletin board for all employees to comment. On the basis of opinions, the selection of expert group again selection, and finally determine the list of adopted lyrics.

  • Rewards

    1、This activity is set to adopt a prize, depending on the degree of adoption to be 1,000 to 5,000 yuan bonus and award certificate.
    2、Organization of the collection of outstanding departments to issue "corporate lyrics collection of excellent organization award" to be commended.

  • V. Precautions

    1、Participation in the collection of works shall not violate relevant laws and regulations, must ensure the originality of the work. If any intellectual property rights or copyright disputes occur, the company has the right to cancel the qualification of the work, and all legal responsibilities shall be borne by the contributor.
    2、Once the works are adopted and the bonus is paid, the winning works will be displayed in the enterprise newspaper, website and other publicity platforms. The copyright and right of use of the works belong to the company, the company has the right to use, modify, publicize and other rights, the author enjoys the right of authorship.
    3、The company has the final right to interpret the unresolved issues related to this activity.

  • Sixth, the way to submit

    Works must indicate the author's name, department and contact phone number, and sent in writing to the Planning Department or sent to the e-mail (e-mail subject to indicate "corporate lyrics collection").

Drafted by: Planning Department Meng Yihua Reviewed by: Huang Shuqiu

Guangzhou Chumboon

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