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"China Metal Packaging Forum Successfully Held

release date:2015-10-09

      Where does the funding come from? For most Chinese metal packaging companies, this topic is always bitter and difficult to overcome. On December 3-4, in Sanya, Hainan, a summit forum aimed at tackling this challenge — the China Metal Packaging Leaders Forum — was successfully held, providing the industry with a valuable discussion.

Representatives attending the forum engaged in lively discussions on the following key issues.

The effective allocation of resources brought about by the internet and a series of transformations in traditional fields due to the internet. In this context, how does the metal packaging industry respond and seek breakthroughs in funding on the internet? The answer lies in utilizing P2P internet finance, which could be an effective attempt.
The report by Guo Yuhang, the Co-CEO of Dianrong.com, titled "Opportunities and Challenges of P2P Internet Finance in China," was enlightening.

The report states that by using the essence of the internet — freedom, equality, transparency, and sharing — P2P internet finance can establish third-party credit evaluations, thereby creating a secure online credit platform.

The report suggests that in recent years, the internet has continuously disrupted various industries and economic rules in China and even globally. If the metal packaging industry in China does not adapt quickly, it will face significant survival pressure.

As a well-respected investor in the industry, Song Xiangqian brought a research report on Orjin, a leading metal packaging company, titled "The Capitalization Path of the Metal Packaging Industry," presenting his research findings.

The report analyzed the concentration characteristics, industry scale, and prospects of the metal packaging industry, providing data on the development of the world's largest metal packaging companies in recent years.

Song Xiangqian's recommendations are as follows: First, the numerous metal packaging companies in China can expand and strengthen through capitalization; second, cooperating with leading enterprises and forming alliances is one way to achieve high returns.

Because Song Xiangqian has long served as a financial advisor to several well-known Chinese food groups, his insights resonated with the participants.

In the Chinese metal packaging industry, many have already tasted the flavors of the capital market, including Wang Weiliang, who is now prominent.

During the forum, Wang Weiliang, with the theme "The Capitalization Path of Chinese Metal Packaging Companies," elaborated on his perspectives.

First, managing companies with financial and capital thinking is the trend, but capitalization is not as simple as borrowing money everywhere. Second, to grow and strengthen, the road of capitalization is essential for successful global metal packaging groups. Third, the path to listing a company often encounters difficulties, with many factors involved, making the choice crucial.

Alan, the Editor-in-Chief of the well-known global metal packaging communication brand 'CANMAKER,' from the UK, attended the forum.

He believes that China has the best trio of two-piece can enterprises globally, and the development speed of two-piece cans is also impressive. He advised Chinese companies to emphasize factory cleanliness and provide regular training for employees.

'CANMAKER' started publishing in 1988 and quickly entered China, maintaining an excellent reputation in China's metal can industry development.

Alan said the forum's topics were excellent today, while also warning that in 20 years, non-environmentally friendly products will no longer exist, reminding the Chinese industry to be highly vigilant.

It is understood that this forum, initiated by 21 private enterprises including Orjin, Guangzhou Chumboon, Suzhou Slek, and Zhuhai Dingli, is the first of its kind in the history of China's metal packaging, organized in a grassroots manner.

"This not only aligns with the characteristics of many private enterprises in the metal packaging industry but also allows the industry to discuss its matters in its own way. Hopefully, this is a good start," commented Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of Orjin, on the significance of this forum."

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